A Woman’s Principles Vs. The Big-Bad-Union

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Only fair, in my opinion, to ask first: what is wrong with unions?

I’ll get there in a jiffy, sit tight folks ūüôā

The reason I bring any kind of sexual/gender angle into this whole topic is only because I think modern-day unions are designed to degrade the individual creating a weaker and less-intelligent being. ¬†Well it’s been a while since we (women) were considered weaker or dumber, right? ¬†So, why are we still turning to some old-fashioned organization to¬†have our backs? ¬†Are we not strong enough to stand up and negotiate for ourselves? ¬†Do we not have the conviction to do what is right or accept the consequences if we’ve done wrong?

I worked for a telecommunications company that was run ragged by the CWA. ¬†The Union was SO BIG that, even in a right-to-work state. ¬†If you’ve ever worked anywhere like this you know, the union is in the driver seat of your career, you don’t get to drive! ¬†You could apply for that promotion, and you might get it if the other ten teamsters with higher seniority happen to miss the application deadline. ¬†Also, come January 1st, when you learn you just got a 2% raise, don’t go celebrating without Joe Blow. ¬†You know Joe! ¬†He’s that annoying cat in the cubicle behind you! ¬†You know, Joe, he’s the guy who’s always on Facebook, playing solitaire or texting his girlfriend while you’re picking up ¬†his workload. ¬†He is getting the 2% also! ¬†Just don’t count on him buying the first round!

Unions in the public¬†sector are even more of a laughing matter! ¬†I’m going to focus on the public sector, because this is where I currently work. ¬†Yes, I am the last alienated wierdo that is about to bitch about what everyone else thinks is just fine and dandy. ¬†I know I won’t change any minds. ¬†Besides, anyone who disagrees with me most likely would have stopped reading about two blog entries ago. ¬†My co-workers that are union members (I think all of them), have buckled under either the guilt-trips, name-calling, even threats made by union advocates. ¬†I’ve even heard management say things such as “You’re going to wish you had that union representation when you’re facing lay-offs.” ¬†Other co-workers insinuate that I am a “free-loader” for not contributing to the union. ¬†My conservative cop buddies have said “What if I have to shoot someone, who is going to represent me?” ¬†Umm.. ¬†shouldn’t your boss? ¬†Like the Chief or the Mayor? ¬†Yes, even the good guys who have passed extensive background tests, have been tested physically and mentally beyond what most could bare. ¬†Yes, even the men and women who put on a uniform to bravely serve and protect innocents have joined up- out of fear.

Public Sector Unions-¬†The whole concept is completely undemocratic. ¬†As soon as an elected official shares even a fraction of his/her power with a¬†union boss, the voters’ voices are silenced. ¬†The public has no vested interest in a union thug.. ¬†We as voters are supposed to be responsible for electing folks that represent us. ¬†If you care about your community at all I’m sure fair wages and benefits for teachers, police officers, fire-fighters and other state/city workers is an important to you. ¬†So, demand that your candidate is dedicated to providing them with reasonable and fair wages and benefits. ¬†Reasonable, I feel like this is a concept our society doesn’t quite grasp anymore.

Is it reasonable for teachers to demand $0 out-of-pocket, life-time healthcare benefits on top of their pensions and summers off (all paid for by the tax payers)? ¬†If you think that is reasonable… good luck finding a private company that would come anywhere near that! ¬†I thought the sense of entitlement was bad enough among the welfare recipiants I meet on the job, but it’s just as bad among public workers. ¬†A reasonable¬†person knows, if pumped constantly, the well will run dry.

The public sector union is fueled by dues that are collected from workers that are paid by tax dollars. ¬†Where do you think those dues go? ¬†According the the “Wall Street Journal,” in 2010, The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) spent… (brace yourselves folks…)¬†$87.5 million on the elections. ¬†Guarantee you only one side of the isle received that cash. ¬†So if you’re a conservative tax payer or even worse, a conservative public employee paying union dues… ¬†I sure hope you can afford to offset those dollars and perhaps send that cash to a candidate who wants to make some changes around the public workplace.

As a public employee, I know I’m not going to get rich and for right now, I’m O.K. with that. ¬†I know I probably don’t belong in the public sector, at least least not under it’s current design. ¬†I most likely won’t spend my entire career here. ¬†I think by working my ass off, I have at least ¬†made some positive impressions and perhaps some good references for my next endeavor. ¬†To those¬†“poor,¬†underpaid civil servants”¬†my little brother would say:

“You don’t think you’re paid enough? Is your phone ringing?”¬†



“Lady-like” I can do if needed, but I’m so done with “PC”

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obama sticker

Friends, this year I am going all-out, the whole nine yards, lock.stock.barrel. [uncensored]. ¬†I am bound to offend lots of people but I really don’t give a damn. ¬†That’s the whole point of a blog, right? ¬†To be able to write as if no one will ever read it but hope that lots of folks do and even better, agree with you?

Ladies and gentlemen, if at any point during the ride you find yourself nauseated, offended or just plain mad at me.. please find your way back to Facebook or Pintrest to better waste your time.

I am [only] 28 years old (well, 27 but only for about 8 more days). ¬†I know that I am still quite young but relatively speaking, I ain’t that young… I’ve voted three (3) times in presidential elections. Much like my other hopes/expectations of men, I can’t say I have been very happy with the outcomes of those..

I have had a variety of relationships including a long one (over 4 years), short (1 night) and the infamous total-waste-of-two-months-of-my-life.¬† I can still hear myself saying, “Hey, your mother is calling you again, no I won’t be making it to dinner at her house next week, good luck to you, hope you find someone just like her! ¬†Check ya later handsome!”

So, I have had some issues with men… or maybe it’s the men that have issues with me? ¬†I’ll admit, I can be stuck in my ways but I know what I want from a dude. And the pickins are looking pretty slim these days…

I am really pretty easy-going in a relationship. Low maintenance is just kind of my style. You’d think guys would find the laid-back chic more attractive than the whining and needy types. Not the case. It’s pretty amazing what some of my guy friends put up with. It’s even more amazing how many guys I have dated that are more like my girlfriends!

  • Sidebar: What’s up with guys wearing skinny jeans? ¬†Dude, GROSS! ¬†You’re a MAN, dress like a man!

I know some men are intimidated by a chic like me.. One guy I dated for a real short period actually straight out told me that he had reservations about dating me because of my outdoor hobbies… What the hell? ¬†Grow a pair then pick up a rod and reel!

I am a bow hunter. ¬†I love it. ¬†I have happily taken two full weeks off of work the past few years to sit in tree-stands during the prime whitetail deer “rut” in hopes of spotting that “monster” buck. Anyone with a serious passion for whitetail bow hunting will tell you it’s like therapy! ¬†If hunting isn’t your fort√©, that’s fine, but you’re not going to find me playing your stupid video game on a beautiful saturday afternoon.

What about fishing? ¬†Spring time, a little chilly in the morning but when the sun rises high you can actually feel it tanning your face just slightly. ¬†Walking the bank of a river or a trout stream, you start to work up a sweat. ¬†The feeling of complete liberation when you say to yourself “Screw it, these sneakers were only $50 anyway, I’m going to get to that deep hole on the¬†other side,¬†even if it means I’m riding home in my underwear!” ¬†The feeling of sand and mud building up around your toes is actually really soothing. Maybe that’s why I’m such an even-keeled lady? ¬†Screw the manicures, pedicures and facial treatments, let’s go fishing!

So a woman bow hunter and amateur angler thinks she can still pull off “lady-like?” Absolutely! My parents taught my brothers and I to mind our manners! I might do things a little differently than most girls, but I still enjoy getting dolled up for a first date or a girls’ night out. I can hold my own in a political discussion without blowing my top. Although, typically I do have to fight back the urge to provide the liberal ass clowns with a good, ol-fashioned, American ass-whoopin’. I know it wouldn’t do any good… Liberals, just like wussy men, aren’t going to change because some woman beat the hell out of them. Instead, they’d form some kind of government-funded program to bring awareness to the “right-wing-women-extremists” that are abusing the nations skinny-jeans wearing, sorry-as-hell-excuses for American men.

If you’re not repulsed at this point, please check back soon!


Feminism 101

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Sometime around 2010 a good (guy) friend of mine asked me what feminism meant to me. I think he was taking ‚ÄúFeminism 101‚ÄĚ or a ‚ÄúWomen Studies‚ÄĚ course at the University of Northern Iowa. I kind of laughed at the whole topic at first, I figured he was solely interested in meeting girls.. (and I still don‚Äôt doubt that‚Äôs why he originally registered for the course.) But he was serious. He was looking for a new take on feminism. He wanted something from a real-live 21st Century woman. I suppose he had gotten his fill of quotes from Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton or some other turn of the century woman activist.

I really had to think about my response. Eventually I answered something to this effect: To me, a feminist is confident and unafraid to take on anything. She is an independent thinker, informed and involved. A feminist takes pride in her beauty. She is strong, independent and competitive. But most of all I think a real feminist recognizes her role as a woman and is happy to be a man‚Äôs counterpart. Ladies, you might be as strong and independent as [I think] I am.. but let’s be honest with ourselves.. we can’t and we don’t want to have to be alone.

This got me thinking. Am I a feminist? Yeah, I guess I kind of am… but really what woman isn‚Äôt at this point? I wouldn‚Äôt dare shave my head or burn my bra to make a statement. (You know, a decent bra runs about $25 these days!) But yes, I would consider myself an advocate for economic, social and political equality for not only women, but for all humans. You‚Äôd have to be pretty anti-American to argue against any of that. I am a strong character, self-reliant, stubborn as hell and in an easygoing search for a man tough enough to counter me.

When you think of a tomboy, you probably picture a little girl running around wearing worn, over-sized hand-me-down clothes. Maybe she has a short haircut, dirt under her fingernails and a mean edge about her? I guess that is me, a little more cleaned up and about 20 years later. I am not out to prove anything but I am always excited to try things that are atypical for women. Hunting and fishing are activities that have brought my entire family closer. I wish I knew more women that shared my passion for the outdoors. Hell, I wish I knew more MEN that shared my passion for the outdoors.

I have never tried to write a blog… and I am not really sure where this is going to go… I suppose this blog is targeted at two very different audiences. The first group includes the women like me. Women who are finding that their principles and/or individualities make them misunderstood. The second group [I hope] includes men that are trying to decipher their lady-friends.