About This Feminista

I’m a single mid-western woman in my late twenties.  I really am a pretty plain-Jane, regular chic.  I have been through some harder times but always come out wearing a grin.  My family has always had my back, even when I was too ignorant to have all of theirs.

For this blog (my first), I have decided to focus on feminism in everyday life.  I am no pro on feminist history but I have been dedicating some time to reading into the movement.  I have some issues with our 21st century culture and I think a lot of the issues trace back to our ancestors’ willingness abandon the nuclear family in exchange for equal rights.  Once you get to know me through my writing, you’ll know I’m certainly all for equal rights for woman and for all humans.  I just have some cultural and political views that seem to be nearly extinct, and it saddens me that common sense no longer is prevalent.

In my blog you’ll also learn that I am an outdoors woman, I enjoy alcohol (mainly Whisky and beer and probably a little too much), I don’t put up with drama and I really couldn’t care less if I offend someone.  It’s my blog!  If you don’t like it, take a hike!

How you like them apples?


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