Feminism 101

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Sometime around 2010 a good (guy) friend of mine asked me what feminism meant to me. I think he was taking “Feminism 101” or a “Women Studies” course at the University of Northern Iowa. I kind of laughed at the whole topic at first, I figured he was solely interested in meeting girls.. (and I still don’t doubt that’s why he originally registered for the course.) But he was serious. He was looking for a new take on feminism. He wanted something from a real-live 21st Century woman. I suppose he had gotten his fill of quotes from Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton or some other turn of the century woman activist.

I really had to think about my response. Eventually I answered something to this effect: To me, a feminist is confident and unafraid to take on anything. She is an independent thinker, informed and involved. A feminist takes pride in her beauty. She is strong, independent and competitive. But most of all I think a real feminist recognizes her role as a woman and is happy to be a man’s counterpart. Ladies, you might be as strong and independent as [I think] I am.. but let’s be honest with ourselves.. we can’t and we don’t want to have to be alone.

This got me thinking. Am I a feminist? Yeah, I guess I kind of am… but really what woman isn’t at this point? I wouldn’t dare shave my head or burn my bra to make a statement. (You know, a decent bra runs about $25 these days!) But yes, I would consider myself an advocate for economic, social and political equality for not only women, but for all humans. You’d have to be pretty anti-American to argue against any of that. I am a strong character, self-reliant, stubborn as hell and in an easygoing search for a man tough enough to counter me.

When you think of a tomboy, you probably picture a little girl running around wearing worn, over-sized hand-me-down clothes. Maybe she has a short haircut, dirt under her fingernails and a mean edge about her? I guess that is me, a little more cleaned up and about 20 years later. I am not out to prove anything but I am always excited to try things that are atypical for women. Hunting and fishing are activities that have brought my entire family closer. I wish I knew more women that shared my passion for the outdoors. Hell, I wish I knew more MEN that shared my passion for the outdoors.

I have never tried to write a blog… and I am not really sure where this is going to go… I suppose this blog is targeted at two very different audiences. The first group includes the women like me. Women who are finding that their principles and/or individualities make them misunderstood. The second group [I hope] includes men that are trying to decipher their lady-friends.



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