A Woman’s Principles Vs. The Big-Bad-Union

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Only fair, in my opinion, to ask first: what is wrong with unions?

I’ll get there in a jiffy, sit tight folks ūüôā

The reason I bring any kind of sexual/gender angle into this whole topic is only because I think modern-day unions are designed to degrade the individual creating a weaker and less-intelligent being. ¬†Well it’s been a while since we (women) were considered weaker or dumber, right? ¬†So, why are we still turning to some old-fashioned organization to¬†have our backs? ¬†Are we not strong enough to stand up and negotiate for ourselves? ¬†Do we not have the conviction to do what is right or accept the consequences if we’ve done wrong?

I worked for a telecommunications company that was run ragged by the CWA. ¬†The Union was SO BIG that, even in a right-to-work state. ¬†If you’ve ever worked anywhere like this you know, the union is in the driver seat of your career, you don’t get to drive! ¬†You could apply for that promotion, and you might get it if the other ten teamsters with higher seniority happen to miss the application deadline. ¬†Also, come January 1st, when you learn you just got a 2% raise, don’t go celebrating without Joe Blow. ¬†You know Joe! ¬†He’s that annoying cat in the cubicle behind you! ¬†You know, Joe, he’s the guy who’s always on Facebook, playing solitaire or texting his girlfriend while you’re picking up ¬†his workload. ¬†He is getting the 2% also! ¬†Just don’t count on him buying the first round!

Unions in the public¬†sector are even more of a laughing matter! ¬†I’m going to focus on the public sector, because this is where I currently work. ¬†Yes, I am the last alienated wierdo that is about to bitch about what everyone else thinks is just fine and dandy. ¬†I know I won’t change any minds. ¬†Besides, anyone who disagrees with me most likely would have stopped reading about two blog entries ago. ¬†My co-workers that are union members (I think all of them), have buckled under either the guilt-trips, name-calling, even threats made by union advocates. ¬†I’ve even heard management say things such as “You’re going to wish you had that union representation when you’re facing lay-offs.” ¬†Other co-workers insinuate that I am a “free-loader” for not contributing to the union. ¬†My conservative cop buddies have said “What if I have to shoot someone, who is going to represent me?” ¬†Umm.. ¬†shouldn’t your boss? ¬†Like the Chief or the Mayor? ¬†Yes, even the good guys who have passed extensive background tests, have been tested physically and mentally beyond what most could bare. ¬†Yes, even the men and women who put on a uniform to bravely serve and protect innocents have joined up- out of fear.

Public Sector Unions-¬†The whole concept is completely undemocratic. ¬†As soon as an elected official shares even a fraction of his/her power with a¬†union boss, the voters’ voices are silenced. ¬†The public has no vested interest in a union thug.. ¬†We as voters are supposed to be responsible for electing folks that represent us. ¬†If you care about your community at all I’m sure fair wages and benefits for teachers, police officers, fire-fighters and other state/city workers is an important to you. ¬†So, demand that your candidate is dedicated to providing them with reasonable and fair wages and benefits. ¬†Reasonable, I feel like this is a concept our society doesn’t quite grasp anymore.

Is it reasonable for teachers to demand $0 out-of-pocket, life-time healthcare benefits on top of their pensions and summers off (all paid for by the tax payers)? ¬†If you think that is reasonable… good luck finding a private company that would come anywhere near that! ¬†I thought the sense of entitlement was bad enough among the welfare recipiants I meet on the job, but it’s just as bad among public workers. ¬†A reasonable¬†person knows, if pumped constantly, the well will run dry.

The public sector union is fueled by dues that are collected from workers that are paid by tax dollars. ¬†Where do you think those dues go? ¬†According the the “Wall Street Journal,” in 2010, The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) spent… (brace yourselves folks…)¬†$87.5 million on the elections. ¬†Guarantee you only one side of the isle received that cash. ¬†So if you’re a conservative tax payer or even worse, a conservative public employee paying union dues… ¬†I sure hope you can afford to offset those dollars and perhaps send that cash to a candidate who wants to make some changes around the public workplace.

As a public employee, I know I’m not going to get rich and for right now, I’m O.K. with that. ¬†I know I probably don’t belong in the public sector, at least least not under it’s current design. ¬†I most likely won’t spend my entire career here. ¬†I think by working my ass off, I have at least ¬†made some positive impressions and perhaps some good references for my next endeavor. ¬†To those¬†“poor,¬†underpaid civil servants”¬†my little brother would say:

“You don’t think you’re paid enough? Is your phone ringing?”¬†



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